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End of Season Tournament - Rules

  • Format:
    (Single or Double) elimination tournament.
  • Rankings:
    Based upon season record.
  • Tiebreakers:
    • If the teams are tied at the end of regulation, a two period overtime will be played.  
      • 10U: (two) 5 minute periods.
      • 8U: (two) 4 minute periods.
    • Initial possession will be decided by a coin toss.  
      • The winner of the coin toss will decide which goal to defend for the first of the two periods (switching sides period two), and will receive possession beginning the second period.  
      • The loser of the coin toss will receive possession beginning the first period.
    • Player substitutions are only allowed at the opening of each period.
  • Penalty Kicks:
    If the game is still tied at the end of the second overtime period, kicks from the Penalty Mark as described in the FIFA Laws of the Game will be taken until a winner is decided.
  • If total darkness falls and game is still tied:
    Both teams will return the following day thirty (30) minutes prior to the next match and continue with penalty kicks for a second round.

  • If the game is still tied after the second round of penalty kicks:
    • The first tiebreaker is goal difference — the number of goals scored minus the number of goals allowed during tournament play.
    • If that's still not enough the next tiebreaker is who scored the greatest number of goals in all group matches of tournament play or if it is the first set of games, it will be decided by a coin toss by the team captains assigned that game.

  • Special Occurrences:
    • Unable to field a team: If unable to field a team it will be considered a forfeit and the other team advances.
    •  Reschedule the game: While in the tournament if the requesting team and opposing team is unable to agree to a different day – before next bracket is schedule; the requesting team will forfeit the game and the other team advances.
    •  Severe Weather: While in the tournament the game will be reschedule and next bracket delayed, possibly move the remaining tournament days to ensure that the game is played and the tournament games can be played safely, in the most extreme cases the tournament may be canceled.

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