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Oldtown Field

Field Layout 2015
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Game Reporting

Written by: League Administrator
Thursday, September 3, 2015


Game reporting to the paper is optional but will help spread the word about our organization and advertise our sponsor, both sponsors and kids enjoy seeing their name in the paper.

The score will be entered into the website but the data collected will be entered in to the matrix and help determine balance teams for next fall. Please help us with this so we can continue to


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Written by: Troy from AYSO 2013 NAGM
Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Respect:  Watch the following videos to see examples:

Respect the Referees

Soccer is a passionate game and sometimes that passion can be misdirected. When this happens, a common target for the negative behavior is the referee. The referee is a critical and valuable component of a soccer game just like the coach and the spectators. All of these com

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2015 Frostburg Rangers Community Partners

Written by: Troy Hartman
Monday, August 3, 2015

Frostburg Rangers Community Partners

A very special thank you to all the sponsors that help bring soccer to the youth of this community!

Allegany Computer, Armstrong Insurance, B&B Country Meats, Bennett, Brewer & Associates, Bernie's Photography, 

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U10 All: U-10-4-LA 1
U10 All: U-10-6 FC 7
U12-C: U12-Oldtown 0
U12-C: U12-5 Buttersticks 8
U10 All: U-10-3-LA 4
U10 All: U-10-1 Mighty Minions 4

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